Your word is a lamp
for my feet and a light
for my path.
Psalms 119:105

any Bible question, get Bible ANSWERS from a real person,
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These discourses have been collected over the years from conventions and seminars.
They are ordered by subject. They are in the mp3 format.

Bible Truths
Christian Walk
Christ Return
Adorning the Doctrine

Blessed is the Man Whom
Thou Dost Chasten O Lord

21 Evidences of the Lord's Presence

At the Mouth of Two or Three Witnesses

Christian Addiction

Christ Returns Invisibly

Bible Gems

Does the Moral Standard of the
New Creature Change with Time?



Fabric of Truth

Fellowship of Sufferings

Daniel Chapter 3 Part 1

Faiths Foundation

Hearing the Voice of the Bridegroom

Daniel Chapter 3 Part 2

Finding the Lost Bible

Inspiring Examples Kindly Affectioned

Daniel Chapter 3 Part 3

Integrity Conscience

Daniel Chapter 5

David as a Fugitive

Judgment of the New Creation

The Man Clothed in Linen

David a Man After God's Own Heart

Participating With Christ

The Seventy Years Desolation
Scriptural Basis

End Times
Remembering Thy First Love

In the Days of Scoffers

Selfishness Love and the Brain

God's Treasured People

Jehovah Shall Roar Out of Zion

What Jesus and Paul Taught on the
Subject of Divorce and Remarriage

Israel as God's Time Clock
The Remnant of Israel

The Day of Vengence

Forgiveness & Salvation
When Will Israelis Recognize Jesus?

The French Revolution
Religious Clergy

Double Redemption

Jesus' Last Days
The Impact of 1914...


A Momentous Week

Witness till When?

Justice vs Just Us

Golgotha Crucifixion

Lessons From...
The Great Gift Giver
and His Unspeakable Gift

Harmonizing Events Surrounding
the Resurrection

Lessons From John the Baptist

In His Footsteps, His Closing Experiences

Lessons From Three Ancient Worthies

A Piece of Paul's Masterpiece

Lessons From Tyre and Babylon

Abraham's Wife Sarah

A Prophecy and Three Parables

Belshazzar's Feast

Parables Gospel Age Harvest

An Introduction to Ezekiel's Temple

Miracle of Jesus Calming the Sea

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Ezekiel's Temple Part 1

Of Stones and Giants

Harvest Parables

Ezekiel's Temple Part 2

Signs and Wonders

The Good Shepherd

Ezekiel's Temple Part 3

Ransom & Restitution

A Few Thoughts on the Ransom
and Sin Offering

Attempts to Explain Revelation

Zechariah 12

Why the Cross?

Revelation 1 Overview

Scripture Studies
  Revelation Past

1 John 2:15-17

  Seven Last Plagues

Ecclesiastes 5:1

  The Churches of Ephesus
Smyrna and Pergamos

John 9:4

  Trumpets and Plagues Part 1

Mark 14:28

  Trumpets and Plagues Part 2

Psalm 46:10

Psalm 116:12


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