Our Bible beliefs are molded by

history tradition culture

and various teachers as they interpret scriptures for us. What we accept as truth must be firmly established in the Bible. It is important that each of us makes the truth our own. This interactive website explores five Bible questions. Each question has a “YES” and a “NO” answer. You can't pick the wrong answer, because both are correct. Find out how much you know about these Bible truths by clicking on either the YES or the NO links (or both). Let's begin...

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Q1. Is there only one God?
YES There is only one Almighty God and He has revealed himself as a unitary being. The first cause, Jehovah (Yaweh) by name. Before him there is no other. He is from everlasting to everlasting. He will not share his glory with any other. Find out more about this one true Almighty God.
NO The Bible teaches that there are other gods. None that are equal to the Almighty God, but these are gods nonetheless. Jesus refers to those that would become the bride of Christ as gods, Moses is said to have been made as a god to pharaoh, and Satan is also said to be the god of this age. Psalms tells us that Jehovah will be worshipped among the gods! These cannot be “false gods” as that would be considered blasphemous. All are true “lesser gods”. Understanding the definition for the word “god” is important .
Q2. Do we really live after we die?
YES The Bible teaches that all the dead will rise again in due time. Jesus died that all may have life and that more abundantly.
NO Many teach that a person becomes more alive at the moment of death. Satan told our first parents that they would never die. Has this lie found its way into popular religious thought in the form of a “life at death” philosophy? What does the Bible say about death and the soul?
Q3. Are we only allowed to worship God?
YES The Bible teaches that Jehovah alone must be worshiped as Almighty God. Jehovah will not share His glory with any other. The worship of another as Almighty God is considered idolatry.
NO Others can and will be worshipped according to the Bible. Jesus tells us in Revelation that he will cause all humanity to bow down and worship before the overcomers, the true church. Abraham worshipped the three angels. Jesus is to be worshipped as the Son of God. We need to understand the definition of the word 'worship' and how it applies to Jehovah God and his creation.
Q4. Is today the only day of salvation?
YES The Bible teaches that only those that are called of God can come to Christ and be saved. So for these, today is the day of salvation. The Bible says that there is a special salvation to those that believe today.
NO The Bible talks about a narrow way that leads to life where few find it, but it also talks of a highway where many will travel on it. Billions of people have lived and have never heard of the only name under heaven to receive salvation. Yet the Bible tells us that God would have all to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. It also speaks about Jesus being the light that enlightens all that come into the world. This cannot be today, during the gospel age, as many have died not knowing of Jesus.
Q5. Will we go to heaven after we die?
YES During the gospel age, God is calling out individuals to become part of his church to rule and reign with Christ. These will be on the throne with Christ in heaven (Acts 15:14).
NO Most believe that there are only two options after death, heaven or hell. However, the Bible speaks of a third option, a perfect earth as a result of the restitution of all things back to the way it was in the garden of Eden. Those that are not called by God during the Gospel age will not go to heaven. But that doesn’t mean they will go to a fiery hell. What does the Bible say about restitution?

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