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Thy Word is a lamp unto
my feet and a light unto
my path.    Ps 119:105

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dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Volume One
The Divine Plan
of the Ages
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Volume Two
The Time is at Hand
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Volume Three
Thy Kingdom Come
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Volume Four
The Battle of
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Volume Five
The Atonement
between God
and Man
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Volume Six
The New Creation
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Tabernacle Shadows
of the "Better
of Creation

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dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Introduction
The PhotoDrama Introduction
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Section 1
Creation to Fall of
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Section 2
Expulsion from Eden
to Demigods
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Section 3
Tower of Babel
to Joseph
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Section 4
Joseph Saul
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Section 5
Amalekites to
Daniel's Dream
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Section 6
King Belshazzar to
Prodigal Son
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Section 7
Dead Sleepeth to
Quickened in Spirit
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Section 8
Doubting Thomas to
dot_8x12.gif (56 bytes) Section 9
Messengers to
Many run to & fro

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Welcome to - this website is dedicated
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A master architect’s goal in overseeing a high-rise construction project is the realization of his design culminating in an inauguration celebration after completion. Those unfamiliar with the architect’s design will have difficulty envisioning the grandeur of the finished building during construction. Large earth moving equipment quickly turn a once peaceful landscape into a dynamic construction site of dirt, dust and debris. To the unlearned, it appears the project is heading in the opposite direction from the original intention. The master architect does not waver from his purpose, always focusing on the details necessary for achieving the goal. He is not discouraged by the unpleasant conditions during construction because he knows everything is proceeding precisely as planned. Only after the final scaffolding comes down will all be able to appreciate the truly magnificent structure which was penned by the master architect's hand many years before.

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God's Secret Plan

God told his secret plans to his servants the prophets, and it will all happen... Revelations 10:7

For ages and ages this message was kept secret from everyone, but now it has been explained to God’s people. Colossians 1:26

God knew Adam and Eve would fail their trial in the garden of Eden due to lack of experience, therefore he had a plan prepared prior to the foundation of our world to redeem and eventually restore them and everyone else (1 Peter 1:20). God kept his plan secret for a long time and only revealed the details gradually as was necessary to accomplish his grand design. Today this plan can be explained and properly understood, however many people do not really understand it and are misinformed concerning the principle which permitted God to justly release Adam and everyone else from the death sentence.


God's Secret Plan

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Original Superstitious Irrational Notions

Original Superstitious Irrational Notions

The principles in the construction of buildings are directly applicable to the development of a belief system. Carelessness in laying a proper foundation will have adverse consequences on the superstructure. The most beautiful and secure belief system is destined to collapse if it is built on a deficient foundation. It is somewhat amazing to see people focus on superficial topics and neglect to examine the integrity of their own faith's foundation. Surely, it is more exciting to discuss the latest end-of-world prophecy, new interpretations on the symbolic beasts of Revelation, faith miracle healing, or living a prosperous Bible based lifestyle than it is to scrutinize an old "tried and true" foundation.

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  Why Is the Bible God's Word?
   Authorship & Credibility of the Bible
  The Credibility of the Bible 
  The Bible Translated 
   The Test of Science
   The Test of Prophecy

  How to Study the Bible
   Exhaustive Topical Examination
   Study of Symbolic Language
   Study by Time Frame
   The Importance of Context
   Study by Type and Antitype
   Overview & Summary
   Spurious Bible Text of the N.T.
   Finding the Lost Bible

  Biblical Harmony
   The Trinity: Mystery or Confusion
   Is Hell Burning?
   The Resurrection

  Special Section on Revelation
How to Study it and Have it Make Sense
   An Important Introduction
   The Other Half of the Gospel
   Some Important Basics
   Once Over Lightly
   Other Lessons from Section 1
   Other Lessons from Section 3
   Glossary of Symbols

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   • The Doctrine of Christ
   • I Will Come Again!
   • Where are the Dead
   • Church Union & The Antichrist
   • Do We All Worship the Same God?
   • Can We Identify AntiChrist?

  Current Events
   For the Good of the Universal Church?
   • Many Wonder Why God Did It! Tsunami

   • Forces of Evil in the End Times (PDF)
   • Distress of the Nations Foretold
   • Pope gives apology to all injured by Church
   • Why are the Nations so Angry?
   • Israel - A half century of Miracles

What Everyone Should Know About Being Saved
"That I may Inherit Eternal Life"
Was Christ's Standard of Discipleship too High?
Believing on Jesus: A Deeper Meaning
When "Grace is no more Grace"
James on Faith and Works
Once in Grace, Always in Grace?

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