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Psalms 119:105

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Have we any reason for anticipating the World's conversion to Christianity before long?

<ANSWER>--We have every reason to expect the world's conversion to Christ not many years hence, but perhaps this work will be brought about in an entirely different way and manner than is usually supposed. The Scriptures clearly foretold that the world would be far from being in harmony with the Lord and His righteous laws at the close of this present age or evil world. (`Rev. 11:17,18`; `2 Tim. 1:5`; `Mat. 24:37-39`.) And that it would not be until after our Lord's second advent that all the nations would be brought to a knowledge of the truth, the way of salvation, and then converted to Christ and His rule of love and kindness. Meantime an election is taking place which when completed will result in the formation of a special class of the Lord's earnest devoted followers who when glorified and united with their Lord in the spiritual or heavenly realms will constitute the governing body, the Kings and Priests, under whose righteous administration, the nations shall all be taught of God and learn righteousness. (`Isa. 26:9`; `Isa 54:13`.) It will require all of the thousand years of Messiah's reign to subdue all unrighteousness and bring into subjection all evil and error. "For He must reign until He has placed all enemies under His feet even death the last enemy shall be destroyed." `1 Cor. 15:25,26`.

When will the world come to an end? (P.W.L.)

<ANSWER>--According to the Scriptures the term "world" signifies age or dispensation. Three great worlds are outlined in the Divine Plan of the Ages, as revealed in the Bible. (See `2 Pet. 3:5-13`.) The first "world" or dispensation passed away at the time of the Flood. The second "world," or "present evil world," is likewise to pass away, in a fiery time of trouble--not a literal "fire," but a destructive season of lawlessness that will destroy the "elements"--labor, capitalistic, etc., etc., that go to make up the present social order. "The world to come wherein dwelleth righteousness" will never come to end, but is to continue throughout eternity. The world that now is" (`Titus 2:12`) is already being violently shaken, and is beginning to crumble away financially, politically, socially, and ecclesiastically. The evidences about us, in the fulfillment of the Scripture prophecies, are clear and strong that within the next decade, the new and better order ("the world to come") will be established in the earth.

Is the world growing worse? If not, what does the Apostle Paul mean by the words, "Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived"? (`2 Tim. 3:13`.)

<ANSWER>--In some respects the world was never better than it is today. We know of no time in history when the public press so fearlessly and boldly exposed wrong doing as now. Education has helped to bring about better moral conditions. Of course a great deal of this morality is on the surface, as it was in the closing days of the Jewish Age, when Jesus told the chief religionists that they were whited walls, outwardly beautiful, but inwardly corrupt. The Apostle, in the Scripture to which you refer, evidently had in mind the deceivers and leaders astray in the Church. These, in the end of the Age, will become more bold; as foretold, their deceptions will become strong delusions, following which many will believe a lie (`2 Thes 2:11`). "They shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils" (`1 Tim. 4:1`). Many theological teachers today are denying the Bible and advancing strong arguments in favor of Higher Criticism, Evolution, etc., thus growing worse and worse in repudiating the "faith once delivered to the saints" (`Jude 3,4`), "deceiving and being themselves deceived."

"Know ye not that the saints shall judge the world?"--`1 Cor. 6:2`. Does this signify that the world is not now on trial for eternal life? (C.J.W.)

<ANSWER>--This Scripture is in conformity with the united testimony of the teachings of all the Prophets and the Apostles to the effect that the world's judgment day, or trial time, is not in this present Christian Era, but is yet future--"God hath appointed a day (a thousand year day--`2 Pet. 3:8`) in the which He will judge the world in righteousness." (`Acts 17:31`.) Those who, in association with Christ, shall judge the world in mercy, justice and love, are now being qualified for that high office, by having developed in them saintly, Christlike characters. These "saints," who have learned to love their neighbors as themselves, and who even love their enemies, are the ones who, in the future age, will offer every inducement to the world of mankind to come into harmony with the gracious requirements of the Divine Law of love and justice and receive eternal life. The fact that the followers of Christ are not judging now proves conclusively that the world is not on trial for eternal life at the present time. The judgment day, in place of being a time of terror, distress and sorrow, is represented in the Scriptures as being a special time of joy and gladness for the world.--`Psa. 96.`


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