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Psalms 119:105

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"And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man." (`Isa. 4:1`.) What is the meaning of this Scripture? (Interested.)

<ANSWER>--In the symbolisms of the Scriptures a "woman" represents a church. Just as the Church of Christ is said to be the "Bride, the Lamb's Wife." The false churches or anti-Christian religious systems are symbolized as wicked women. (`Rev. 17:5`.) The number seven is always representative of fullness, or completion, in the expressions of the Bible. Therefore, we have the picture before our minds of a time when the full number, or all of the churches (in this case the false churches) would be seeking to be called by the name of the "one man"--Christ--in order that their reproach might be taken away. These churches, which in reality are worldly organizations, as they are filled with a worldly spirit, and supported by worldly individuals, are being reproached more and more because of their worldliness; and recognizing this, they are strenuously claiming to be "Christian Churches." The "seven Women" are taking hold of the "One Man," but He does not recognize them, as He has but the one Bride, the true Church.

May I ask your views on the "Woman's Suffrage" question? Should women have equal rights with men? What is the attitude of the Bible toward this momentous subject? I use the term "momentous" advisedly because the Suffrage Movement is extending around the world, and to my mind is one of the most important phases of the general conditions existing in these hyperbolical times. (F.E.W.)

<ANSWER>--It is very evident to the close observer that men and women, the world over, are more and more approaching a condition of equality. This is largely due to the changing state of affairs in the industrial and social realms. Women are entering in upon every line of accomplishment in the commercial world, and in the realms of art, science, and literature. They have been driven into the world of business and industry by the harsh competitive system of the day, and having taken their position side by side with men in every other walk of life, it is the logical sequence in the trend of events that they should enter in upon conditions of equality in the political arena. This is well, and is certainly in agreement with what the Scriptures indicate will be brought to pass in the "times of restoration" (`Acts 3:19-21`) the thousand years in which the race of humanity will be restored to the perfect conditions represented in the first man, Adam, before Eve had been formed from his side. Adam combined in himself the masculine and feminine qualities, and when Eve was formed for the purposes of propagation, the feminine qualities were incorporated in her personality. When the race has multiplied sufficiently to fill the earth (`Gen. 1:28`) propagation will cease and the members of both sexes will become as Adam was before Eve was formed. See `Mat. 22:30`.


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