Your word is a lamp
for my feet and a light
for my path.
Psalms 119:105

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What is life?

<ANSWER>--To live is to possess sentient being; to be capable of consciousness, joy or sorrow, pleasure or pain. Life, in its highest sense, is known as immortality. Immortality signifies inherent life, a life not sustained by outside supplies, conditions or influence, but life possessed in one's self. Life possessed in this sense belonged originally to God alone, but it has been given by the Father to the Lord Jesus Christ; and He promises this life to His faithful Church, His Bride, His companions in Kingdom glory. However, life in an inferior sense is the possession of the angels through the grace of the Creator, who is pleased that they shall enjoy it everlastingly in harmony with His will. Eternal life is preferred to mankind in general; it will be granted to so many of Adam's race as shall ultimately, under the blessings of the Messianic Kingdom, be recovered completely from the imperfections of sin and death, and who shall maintain that perfection by continued obedience to the Divine requirements. All who sin after receiving full light, shall not live.

Would not the teaching of a future probation tend to make the people careless and sinful in this life, and knowing that they were to have a second chance in the life to come? (Dubious)

<ANSWER>--Not nearly as much as to teach that a hardened wretch by a deathbed confession would immediately be ushered into Heaven! Besides, a future probation would not signify a "second chance," save for a limited few, the Church of Christ, now being selected out of the world (`Acts 15:14`) to be the Bride, the Lamb's Wife. Most of the criminals inhabiting the jails and prisons of our land are, or were, members of some religious system that taught the sinner-hardening doctrine of eternal torment. Did the false teaching defer them from committing crime? Those who believe that the Creator is a God of love, and mercy, and justice, and that He has arranged seasons of blessings for the world in the coming age, when mankind is to have its only chance of salvation, are invariably ennobled, and elevated to a higher plane of morality, with greater reverence for their Creator, a God, whom to know, is to love. The truth sanctifies, while the error debases.


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