Your word is a lamp
for my feet and a light
for my path.
Psalms 119:105

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The Christian Church of the Gospel Age is spoken of in Scripture as the new creation -- specifically mentioned as "new creatures in Christ" (2 Cor. 5:17). The laws, duties, privileges and responsibilities of God's new creation are defined in Scripture and are designed for their instruction, edification, blessing and comfort.


The New Creation discusses at length the obligation which Christians assume especially in the light of their beneficial effect upon spiritual growth. This is important in order that Christians may achieve a more complete spirit of discipleship to Christ. The New Creation examines:

* how God calls His people

* the doctrine of predestination

* the baptism of the new creation

* the Passover of the new creation

* the responsibilities of marriage, parental and other earthly obligations

* the organization of the new creation


The New Creation makes the New Testament instruction by Jesus and the Apostles come alive with meaning. As the Temple of the Living God, each Christian is to honor, praise and glorify God. Anything less is not living up to our privilege of walking with the Master.

Table of Contents
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Section Description Page
  Title, Dedication, and Author's 1916 Foreword  
Study I "In The Beginning" 17
Study II The New Creation 59
Study III The Call Of The New Creation 85
Study IV The New Creation Predestinated 163
Study V The Organization Of The New Creation 195
Study VI Order And Discipline In The New Creation 273
Study VII The Law Of The New Creation 349
Study VIII The Rest, Or Sabbath Of The New Creation 379
Study IX The Judgment Of The New Creation 395
Study X The Baptism Of The New Creation 421
Study XI The Passover Of The New Creation 457
Study XII Marital And Other Privileges And Obligations Of The New Creation 485
Study XIII Parental Obligations Of The New Creation 519
Study XIV Sundry Earthly Obligations Of The New Creation 563
Study XV The Foes And Besetments Of The New Creation 599
Study XVI The Present Inheritance Of The New Creation 659
Study XVII The Resurrection Inheritance Of The New Creation 693