Your word is a lamp
for my feet and a light
for my path.
Psalms 119:105

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These discourses have been collected over the years from conventions and seminars.
They are ordered by subject. They are in the mp3 format.

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Love Casteth Out Fear

Love of Truth

Memorial Study Outline

Parables Lesson 2

Preparing for Trouble Part 1

Preparing for Trouble Part 2

Prophecies that Jesus Fullfilled

Angels and Demons

Disasters and Suffering, Why?

Return of the Harlot

That Servant

The Abydos Tablet

The Apostles Andrew, Phillip, Nathaniel, Thomas

The Empty Mind

The Great Separating Work

The Heavenly Calling

The Lord Make You 1000 Times More

The Love that Casteth Out Fear

The Man With the Unclean Spirit

The Two Feedings

Three Righteous Men

Two Goats

What Doest Thou Here?

What is That to Thee?

When the Word of God Shall Make War

Where is God in the
World's Natural Disasters

Why God Permits Evil Part 1

Why God Permits Evil Part 2

Workers Together With God


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