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Antisemitism is Alive and Well! How is the Christian to Respond?

Recent headlines about Kanye West, reminds us that Antisemitism, one of the oldest and most persistent forms of hatred, is alive and well.

Kanye West’s recent hateful and dangerous antisemitic remarks, have helped to fuel the fire of antisemitic narratives shared by other radical groups, who blame Jews for everything evil and wrong in the world.

Antisemitism [prejudice against or hatred of Jews] has existed for thousands of years. This prejudice and hatred did not begin or end with the Holocaust, as some might think. The reality is that antisemitic incidents continue to rise each year in the United States and throughout the world. Hatred of Jews can take many forms, including this dangerous rhetoric on social media, as well as violent attacks.

What then, is the proper Christian perspective concerning the Jewish people? First, we must know God’s plan for Israel. And when we study his word from Genesis to Revelation, we learn that God has chosen Israel out of all other nations, to be a channel of His blessings to the world. So, in a world of escalating anti-Semitism—we are to “comfort” and encourage Israel, we are to support and encourage the Jewish people to believe in their prophetic destiny, as a blessing to the world. (Isaiah 40:1, 2; Gen 28:14) Let us briefly consider God’s plan for Israel.


Almost all Christian interpretations of prophecy present a very gloomy vision of Israel’s future. Furthermore, these Christians claim that all the blessings promised in the Hebrew Scriptures no longer belong to Israel but have passed to the Christian Church! Why?

Largely because they have adopted “replacement theology” which leaves Israel—and thus all Jews—permanently cast off from God’s favor.

Certainly, just before his crucifixion, Jesus said, “Your house is left unto you desolate.” (Matthew 23:38) But Apostle Paul also taught that when the Church would be completed, “All Israel shall be saved” (Romans 11:26). Now as we near the End of the Christian Age, God is calling His ancient people home in anticipation of removing their “blindness” (Romans 11:25). Christians throughout the Age, however, have not generally understood Apostle Paul’s words to the Church that “through your mercy, they [Israel] also may obtain mercy” (Romans 11:31).

Early in the Christian Era prominent church “fathers” began to describe the Jews in extremely negative terms. Justin Martyr (A.D. 100 – 165) presented the concept that Christians inherited the promises to Israel when the Jewish nation rejected Jesus as the Messiah. He reasoned that since the Christian faith is like the faith of Abraham, Christians will even inherit the Holy Land as Abraham’s “true children” instead of the Jews.

“Replacement theology” taught by Augustine (A.D. 354–430) also embraced the concept that the “House of Israel” was permanently cast off. As a result, this teaching became official Church doctrine. Remarkably, though, Augustine urged Christians to keep the Jews alive! Why? Their existence would validate the Christian claim to the authenticity of the whole Bible. During the same period John Chrysostom (A.D. 339 – c. 407) advocated, “Because . . . [the Jews] . . . killed Christ—there is no mercy—slay them.” Chrysostom’s vicious views led directly to violent persecution in Antioch (Syria). Another result of the “replacement theology” was the erroneous charge against the Jews by Christians falsely claiming that the Jews were responsible for gross “ritual murders.” One need not wonder—with such lies being spread—that the destruction of the Jewish people had become a part of Christian theology! (In modern times Arab Muslims have adopted these false anti-Semitic charges and have accused Jews of ritual murders of Arabs and others.)

Upon such a base of false teachings, the Christian Church grew more and more intolerant of the Jews. The Apostle Paul’s teaching that Israel would not be permanently cast off was ignored by the “official” Church. Even though, Paul taught, “all Israel shall be saved.” Their blindness would only continue “until the fulness of the Gentiles come in” [i.e., the full number of Gentiles come into the Church] (Romans 11:25). In other words, Israel is still God’s people! Therefore, the ominous prophecies of trouble to come upon Israel are only part of the story. God also promised that He will fight for His People and His Land as in the ancient “day of battle.” (Zechariah 14:3) And God said He will “have mercy on the whole house of Israel and will be jealous for my holy name . . . for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel.” (Ezekiel 39:25, 29)

Actually there are many wonderful promises yet to be fulfilled to Israel as a people. The scriptural reality is that God’s Plan for Israel’s future is beautiful and inspiring. In fact, Christians have a responsibility in the End Times to “comfort” and encourage Israel “that her iniquity is pardoned.” (Isaiah 40:1, 2) In a world of escalating anti-Semitism, faithful Christians should show sincere and enthusiastic support for Jews and Israel.


Replacement theology’s child, unfortunately, is anti-Semitism. Sadly, for Jews living in the lands of strangers where they were scattered almost 2,000 years ago, anti-Semitism is as alive as ever. More recently, anti-Jewish sentiment is visibly linked with anti-Israel sentiment. In spite of everything positive the Jewish people have contributed to science, medicine, etc., the media has thrived instead on newly born lies spread by those who blame Israel in almost every breath.

The accusation that Jews control the media is also a misconception. Media reporters, in fact, repeatedly orchestrate incidents and then misuse photo-journalism to portray Israel as the villain—not the victim of Middle East horrors. This anti-Israel new anti-Semitism can be observed in the actions of the United Nations Non-Aligned Members (NAMs) who are prone to condemn Israel and who are unwilling to reprimand Hamas. For well over a decade Hamas' deliberate firing of missiles, mortars and rockets at civilian populations in Israel drew not one single resolution to condemn their terrorism.

Muslim-inspired protests even in the West attach Nazi imagery to the Jews and Israel. Ironically, in the eyes of world media, Fatah (P.A.), Hamas and Hezbollah have become viewed merely as organizations of “freedom fighters.” Meanwhile the Jewish victims of terrorism are falsely portrayed as Nazi monsters.

The Tunisian spark that lit the flames of revolt in early 2011 throughout the Middle East spread quickly to Israel's “moderate” neighbor Egypt. Israel’s tenuous “peace treaties” with both Egypt and Jordan immediately appeared endangered. With increasing unrest across the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood along with Hamas called for Egypt's border with Gaza to be opened—and a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. The only supposed solution to all the instability of the region—even to the European Union fearful of oil shortages—is to get Israel to give more concessions to their alleged “peace partners” of the P. A.

Europe itself is fast moving toward being a Moslem entity, thought by some to be called “Eurabia.” The current (outspoken) Islamic presence in Europe is largely due to immigration and population growth. Remarkably, Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi once said, “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don't need terrorists, we don't need-homicide bombers. The 50-plus million Muslims [in Europe] will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.” If that prediction proves true, considering the human rights record of Islamic nations—Europe with the new face of Sharia (Islamic) Law—will be inhospitable for Jews and Christians alike.

In any case, a huge spike has occurred in the number of anti-Semitic incidents throughout Europe and the world. Similarly, violence in France in 2005 by “youths” saw hundreds of autos torched nightly. (The politically correct term “youths” disguised the ethno-religious identity of Muslim youths.) Sporadic attacks against Jews have been launched against synagogues, Jewish centers, cemeteries and Holocaust memorials. Jewish children who merely wish to walk safely to school need special protection. And, as might be expected, the more observant Jews wearing identifiable head coverings are targeted more regularly.


Presently, Christians are like the “watchmen” on the wall—asked to pray and give God “no rest until He . . . makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” Watchful, observant Jews are well aware of their Scriptures and still pray, making petition for these promises to be fulfilled.

“On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; all day and all night they will never keep silent. You who remind the LORD, take no rest for yourselves; and give Him no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” (Isaiah 62:6,7 NAS)

Christians are encouraged to remember that the Apostle Paul said, “through your mercy, they [Israel] also may obtain mercy.” (Romans 11:31) No other sympathetic attitude is consistent with the compassionate Mercy of God. For now—in a world of escalating anti-Semitism—it will mean supporting and encouraging the Jewish people to believe in Israel's prophetic destiny as a blessing to the world. Christians should “comfort” and encourage Israel. (Isaiah 40:1, 2)

“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God. Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the LORD'S hand double for all her sins.” (Isaiah 40:1, 2)

Additionally, Christians have another challenge, namely, encouraging Diaspora Jews to support Israel, embrace their heritage, and accept Divine providence which has brought Israel back to God’s Land. But will all Christians have sufficient faith to stand by Israel and Jews in the face of increasing worldwide anti-Semitism?

While the Church will be the heavenly “New Jerusalem” (Revelation 21:1, 2), literal Jerusalem on earth will be its visible capital. Yes, the “fathers” of Israel and others of the ancient righteous men and women will be Princes and Judges. And then all peoples, recognizing God’s blessing to Israel will ask the Jews to teach them.

“Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘In those days ten men from the nations...will grasp the garment of a Jew saying, “Let us go up with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”’” (Zechariah 8:23 NAS)

Gradually the families of the earth will actually become part of the family of Israel:

“Yet now hear, O Jacob my servant; and Israel, whom I have chosen: Thus saith the LORD that made thee, and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee; Fear not, O Jacob, my servant, and thou Jesurun, whom I have chosen. . . . I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring. . . . One shall say, I am the LORD's; and another shall call himself by the name of Jacob; and another shall subscribe with his hand unto the LORD, and surname himself by the name of Israel.” (Isaiah 44:1-5)

Yes, Israel will not only survive the End Times—but will be the only nation which will be integrated into Messiah’s Kingdom. Truly, Israel will be “a light to the Gentiles.” The “peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6) will finally mean peace on earth. (Luke 2:14) Then God’s promise to Abraham will be gloriously fulfilled when both the spiritual “stars” and earthly “seed of Abraham” together bless “all the families of the earth.”