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Israeli-Arab Peace Process?

Speaking of our day, the prophet Jeremiah predicted they would say-" "Peace, peace; when there is no peace." Jeremiah 8:11

In 1993, Israel's Prime Minister Rabin and Arafat signed the Oslo Peace Accords. Seven years of Israeli Land give- away followed. What was Arafat's response?-continued calculated violence to extract greater Land concessions.

At Camp David, Barak made concessions Rabin or Peres would never condone. Arafat's reaction?-Palestinian rage that resulted in over 100 dead and 1000s wounded. Forget the so-called Sharon/Temple Mount incitement. Sharon had clearance from the Palestinian security. But hours before, a PLO policeman-without provocation- shot and killed an Israeli soldier during routine joint security patrol. That's when the Palestinian rage began. Bloodshed on either side is tragic.

Arab Oil

Why is the UN Resolution condemning Israel? The nations are dependent on Arab oil for survival. In our world, oil outranks morality. Why are Israeli leaders, even Right Winger Netanyahu, willing to give away their own Land? Arab oil. They fear Arab oil dependent nations will slap an economic boycott on Israel. The Israeli leaders have hoped that at some point world leaders would finally realize Arafat's demands were irrational. For the first time a leftist Israeli government feels Arafat cannot be trusted.

Alternative to Oslo

We sorrow for the plight of the Palestinians. It is estimated 75% of the so-called Palestinians only emigrated from Arab territories since 1900 to enjoy the better Jewish economy. The UN defines a "Palestinian" as anyone who had lived in Palestine for only two years. Why? Why pressure Israel when twenty-two Arab nations, with an area 500 times the size of Israel, have vast empty lands that beg for population? (This year's Arab oil profits alone could pay for this re-settlement.)

Both the Judeo-Christian Bible and Islamic Koran affirm the Land belongs to Israel! There is a large map of the Middle East on Arafat's office wall. U.S. officials have seen it, but they never tell you about it. The name Israel has been replaced by the name Palestine. Seemingly, Arafat will not be satisfied until he not only has the West Bank and Gaza, but all of Israel proper. Many feel war is inevitable. See Isaiah 11:14.

Divine Providence

But there is a higher dimension in this issue-Divine Providence. The new Israeli State is a miracle of history prophesied in the Bible. Its reclamation of wastelands (Amos 9:14), climatic changes (Zech. 8:11,12; Joel 2:21-23) and capture of Old Jerusalem (Zech. 12:5,6) were prophesied. Its boundaries, which include the Golan Heights and the West Bank, were foretold (Gen. 15:18-21; Jer. 16:14,15; Micah 7:14; Zech. 10:9,10). Eventually, the Arabs will recognize Israel's rights. Then Israel and her Arab neighbors will dwell in peace and economic harmony. Isaiah 19:14, 15.