February 21: Because thy loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee. Psa. 63:3

Those who love the present life close their lips and refrain from speaking of His loving kindness; but those faithful to their covenant, and appreciative of the Lord's favor as "better than life," will show forth His praise at any and every cost of an earthly kind. R2853 We must appreciate the loving favor of God as better than earthly life, else we are not worthy of Him and not of the kind He is seeking....When we begin to weigh and contrast fellowship with God and the eternal hopes, ...in contrast with earthly loves and family ties and earthly ambitions and pleasures, the latter all seem quite insignificant in comparison, dross as compared to pure gold. And from this standpoint we gladly renounce all, giving up life itself for the favor of God. R2852