May 31: The Father himself loveth you. John 16:27

What would you take, my dear brother, for what that text teaches of the love of God toward us as His children? He has a love for the world. As a God, a Creator, He has the supervision of all His creatures. God has made provision for every creature, even the sparrow. But for all who have come into this loyal attitude of mind, He has love--sympathy, and more, esteem!...I think, and so do you, that God loves us very, very much, or He would never have made such wonderful provisions in the riches of His grace and in His loving kindness toward us who are in Christ Jesus....I believe that daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, as we think upon these things, as we consider, study out and understand the great love of God as expressed in His marvelous plan, we are getting a wonderful realization of how much "the Father himself loveth" us. But we cannot understand it fully. But the very fact that any father would do such wonderful things for any child would imply a great deal of love. R5725