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Many wonder why God did it!

Twenty thousand are suspected dead; no -- 50, no -- 100, no -- 250,000 are known dead and twice as many are expected to die from disease sure to follow from contaminated water and food supplies. No effectual warning whatsoever was given to the victims of this catastrophic event. IsWas God responsible for this? And if not He no doubt allowed it. Why? Some say  “only non-Christian nations were affected. It was a wake up call to them. The number of those victims who were Christian that were killed were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The Truth of the matter is that mankind has been dying from natural phenomena such as earthquakes and hurricanes, floods, tornados, etc. as long as there has been recorded history. What’s unusual is the staggering number and massive area that one natural event could affect. Maps and globes need to be updated to show the new land mass re-configuration of the regions involved. Again, did God do all this to get the attention of eleven or twelve poor, third world countries? Did He do this to have them give up on their pagan gods and beliefs and seek a new religion -- hopefully selecting Christianity, and embracing Jesus -- so another tidal wave or worse doesn’t happen next? That doesn’t make much sense.

 In a world with an ever-increasing population, especially in poor, third world countries, every disaster is magnified because more and more people are available to be affected.

God did not cause the earthquake that caused the Tsunami that devastated so many -- though He did allow it. Most Christians know that not long after God created Adam He gave him one simple test of obedience -- not to eat of one tree of all the fruit bearing trees God had provided him. Adam disobeyed and did eat, even though the Lord had told him it would mean death. The Bible tells us Adam was created at the end of the sixth creative "day." God rested on the seventh. Adam ate of the tree of good and evil. Instead of trusting God, he (man) would decide for himself his course. God in his infinite wisdom foresaw this, of course, and had already made provision for the recovery of mankind from the bondage of sin and death through his only begotten son, Jesus. This recovery, though certain, would work out in stages over the course of seven millennia while God maintains a hands-off status as to the general affairs of man. Meanwhile, mankind left pretty much to himself, would learn the valuable lesson of what life is like without a close relationship with his Creator. By contrast, in the world to soon come, all will receive the awesome blessings intended for them in a world where sin and death no longer exist.

 So what is God doing now while people are suffering all over the world, more so from the hand of his fellow man than from nature? Jesus came two thousand years ago and died to pay the penalty that will free Adam, and everyone who has ever lived, from death. Jesus has already completed that work. The Father began to select from the world a Church Class that will be associated with Jesus in the recovery of the world of mankind. It started with the Twelve Apostles and then progressed to the one hundred and twenty in the upper room on Pentecost, when the embryo Church received the Holy Spirit. That selection continued all through the Gospel Age, and continues still.  But soon the full number that will make up that Church will be complete and, once joined with the Lord as Spirit beings in heaven, will assist Jesus as he reigns as “King of Kings” over the world of mankind. This will be the time of the resurrection hope so many look forward to, though many misunderstand it. At that time, all those victims of the Tidal wave will be reawakened to life and reunited with their loved ones -- but the world they knew will no longer exist. Corrupt governments will be gone. Hundreds of different religions will be no more. Sin and evil will be immediately dealt with. The Age of righteousness and truth will cover the earth and every heart will rejoice. Then, when they have learned the ways of the Lord, they will see their parents and their parent’s parents reawakened from the sleep of death to learn the ways of the Lord. Each past generation will be reawakened until eventually Adam himself is revived to learn all that has happened since he last walked the earth, over six thousand years ago. All will have the opportunity to come into full harmony with their loving Creator and enjoy life as it was originally intended -- knowing full well the alternative from their previous experience with sin.

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