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A subject of special interest to almost every student of the Scriptures is that of time prophecy. Since the great resurgence of Bible study which began with the establishment of the various Bible Societies, much indeed has been learned about the time periods revealed in Scripture. But much confusion still exists...many conflicting ideas on Bible prophecy leave many with only vague or unclear views on the subject of God's arrangements.


The Time Is At Hand reveals a deep understanding of Bible chronology...the foundation of understanding Bible prophecy. The Time Is At Hand reveals:

* the Bible's chronology covering 6,000 years of history

* the intriguing mystery of Israel's ancient Jubilee Cycles

* the systematic counting of the "double" recorded in Isaiah 40:1

* the Times of the Gentiles

* the time and manner of Christ's return

* the time of Israel's regathering as a nation


The Time Is At Hand prepares the student of the Scriptures to understand Biblical time periods and the prophecies related to them. It lays a thorough foundation for understanding world events today and a clear vision of the outcome of present world conditions.

Table of Contents

Section Description Page
  Title, Dedication, and Author's 1916 Foreword  
Study I Special Times And Seasons Divinely Appointed 13
Study II Bible Chronology 33
Study III The Fulfilment Of Time Prophecy At The First Advent Of Christ 63
Study IV The Times Of The Gentiles 73
Study V The Manner Of Our Lord's Return And Appearing 103
Study VI Earth's Great Jubilee 173
Study VII The Parallel Dispensations 201
Study VIII Elias Shall First Come 249
Study IX The Man Of Sin - Antichrist 267
Study X The Time Is At Hand 363