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The Divine Plan of the Ages Chapter 3 Questions


1. What does the Bible claim to be? What is the surface evidence that the Bible is what it claims to be? (pages 37-38)


2. What has been the moral influence of the Bible? (pages 37-38)


3. Explain the motives of the Bible writers and the general character of the writings. (page 39-40)


4. What are "the books of Moses," and what proofs do we have that they were or were not written by Moses? (41-54)


5. How does the Genesis account of Creation compare with that of other nations? (page 44)


6. What can be said in general about the laws of Moses? (pages 44-45)


7. What were the peculiarities of the Government established by Moses? Did this arrangement give opportunity for the priesthood to impose their authority upon the people? (pages 45-49)


8. What were the instructions given to the civil rulers under this government? (pages 48-49)


9. What safeguards were provided to prevent tampering with the rights of the people? (pages 49-50)


10. Was the position of the priesthood a specially favored one in Israel? How were the Levites supported? (pages 51-52)


11. How did the treatment of the priesthood compare with the laws respecting other classes of persons? (page 52)


12. What were the characteristics of the class of prophets specially commissioned by the Lord? (pages 54-55)


13. How do the miracles of the Old and New Testament find their parallels in our everyday experiences? Do these appear unreasonable? (page 61-62)


14. List the reasons which lead us to conclude that the Bible is a divinely inspired revelation and not the mere device of ordinary men. (pages 62-63)